Why Balance

I would rather be stressed from success than overwhelmed by watching my dreams slip away. There is a common misconception in our society about what’s possible for a parent building a family while building a very successful career. Especially for women. The misconception is that one of those two things has to be sacrificed or back burnered in some way.

Politically and socially women have become recognized as equals because of the courageous and profound work achieved by women and men before me- so technically we can have it all but some still really struggle with believing it’s actually possible.

When people say they believe it’s possible to “have it all” in today’s world – do they truly believe it? As a woman, who was raised by an amazing strong woman, I know it is possible because I am living proof.


I am regularly asked, “how do you do it with 3 small children, have a happy marriage, and a company that keeps becoming more successful every quarter?”.

I don’t have a nanny, a stay at home spouse, or some magical ability that other women don’t. I have redefined balance for myself. I figured out how to set goals in my career, family, marriage, friendships, health, and finances and achieve them without making them mutually exclusive.

Even though I get exhausted or really stressed out some days I have clarity from my goals that I’ve set and a system I created to follow so that even on hard days I never feel like I’m not making progress on all fronts.

There is a new kind of balance and I have shared everything that is working for me and more in my new book BALANCE LIFE, LESSONS, AND SUCCESS

Who ever said you couldn’t have it all lied…